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Seat Repair done Right | What are your padding expectations?

Every seating surface should be built / repaired with expectations in mind.

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from automobile seating to boating, we have experience & knowledge on how seats are constructed to what materials work best for the environment they will be operating in.  We believe in giving the customer the best options to meet their needs, that's why they keep coming back. 

For example, we wrote recently about boat seat repair, here are some realistic questions on this repair:Seat Padding Repair

  • · What type of seat are you in need of repair?  
  • · Back to Back fold down lounge seats, folding basic pedestal seat?
  • · Do you think you have rotten wood inside these types of seats?  Have a look (it’s a lot safer to look before the work and know what you are getting into).
  • · How do they sit?  A seat (no matter how new it looks) has to perform well during use.  Does your rear end crash (hit hard surface of the seat) when going through rough waters?
  • · Do you have to match it exactly to the rest of the boat?

While you may not be repairing boat seats, the process from expectations to happy customer remain very similar.  We have 30 years of experience of working with quality materials & people to give results worthy of years of enjoyment. 

From seat padding replacement to custom seating to matching the look & feel of your desire.  Take a look at our Gallery for social proof. 

Seat Repair

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