Cars and Trucks

  1. Auto and Marine Damage Detailing
  2. Fire Damage
  3. Vandalism
  4. Seat Frame Repair
  5. Substance Spills, Milk Spills, yes 'Milk'
  6. Deodorizing
  7. Water Damage
  8. Ozone your cars interior, it works very well

Commercial Services:  Quick pick-up / turn-around available, Please call for more information.

Insurance claim services

We help get the repairs you want.

  1. Wood Replacement
  2. Screen and Window Replacement
  3. Vinyl seat Panels Replaced
  4. Vinyl Repairs
  5. Carpet
  6. Custom Made Snap-On Covers
  7. Repair of all Types of Canvas
  8. Complete Interiors

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Enhancement Services

  1. Office and Waiting Room Chairs
  2. Tarps, Straps
  3. Medical Equipment Upholstery
  4. Reupholstery for theater, stadium seating, church pews
  5. Auditoriums
  6. Casinos
  7. Hotels
  8. Sports facilities

Auto Interior Repair in Minneapolis, we are the experts

As with every job we encounter, nothing spells it out like seeing your auto/boat/commercial chairs first hand.  Here is a list of the many projects we have worked on.  Our number one priority is to get you the 'look, feel and performance' you expect. Auto interior shops need to be up-to-date on technology.

Quality, value, and a fair price is where we position our products and services.  If you are seeking the lowest possible price for a repair, we probably are not the shop for you. 

We spend a lot of time and resources on training, and keeping up with technology to ensure safety OEM systems are functioning to their expected level before any project leaves our shop, that is why many other shops call us when they encounter difficult, hard to diagnose issues. 

Boat and Marine upholstery repair

Main Office 952-884-7702

423 west 90th street Bloomington, MN 55420
  1. Carpet/Mats
  2. Classic Auto Interiors
  3. Dashes and Door Panels                                  
  4. Airbag  and Restraints Replacement, and proper calibration
  5. Auto Interior Airbags
  6. Headliners (sun visors)
  7. Vinyl Tops
  8. Glass (vinyl top rear windows, convertible top rear windows, sunroof)
  9. Seats 
  10. Upholstery (leather, cloth, vinyl)
  11. Padding/Covers/Frames
  12. SAFETY / Functionality (seat tracks, recliners, motors)
  13. Seat Belts
  14. Seat Heaters (repair, replace, install)
  15. Gel packs for Motorcycles, ATV's, boat seats, etc.
  16. Seat Massage Systems & Lumbar Support Systems (repair, replace, install)
  17. Sunroof Maintenance (leaks, motor problems, weather-stripping, seals)
  18. Convertible Tops and Windows (repair, replace) (pumps, motors, frames, operations-alignment-pads, etc.)
  1. Vehicle Customization
  2. Specialty Seating and Covers
  3. Vinyl and Leather Dying
  4. Orthopedic , Comfort Enhancements and Gel packs
  5. Remote Starts and Alarms
  6. Heated seats
  7. Sunroofs
  8. Radio and Sound Systems
  9. IPod Interfaces                                    
  10. Reverse Sensors
  11. Window Tint
  12. Leather, Suede and Custom Interiors
  13. 26 different leathers, know them, know your options for your specific vehicle.