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Features of our two way LCD button remote start system #5554:

At Dick and Ricks we offer great products with excellent installation & service.  Depending on your personal expectations, we offer several high quality products with varying options & functions.  If you don't see exactly what you want on this page call and we can discuss your options for your specific vehicle.

  1. (1) two-way 1-button remote control
  2. (1) one-way 1-button remote control
  3. Unit will accept up to 4 remote controls
  4. Glass mount antenna with built-in blue LED light and valet switch
  5. Start confirmation parking light flash
  6. Remote start door unlock-output
  7. Diesel compatible
  8. Quick stop mode
  9. Tach-less mode
  10. Hybrid vehicle compatible for remote start
  11. Limited lifetime warranty

Features of our one way button remote start system #4552:

Our top of the line remote start with LCD, vehicle security and keyless entry combo system has an operating range of up to 2500 feet, comes with (1) two-way LCD display 4-button metal remote control as well as (1) one-way 4-button plastic remote control. Security, comfort and convenience all in one unit

Our one button way remote, works well for an inexpensive 2 way, also when the key for the vehicle has the Fob incorporated in the key.

  1. Two-Way Confirming LCD Transmitter with up to 2,500 feet of Operating Range
  2. (1) Two-Way LCD Display 4-Button Metal Remote Control
  3. (2) One-Way 4-Button Remote Controls
  4. Glass Mount Antenna with Built-In LED Light and Valet Switch
  5. (1) Auxiliary Output - can be used for Defrost
  6. Telematics Port - Car Connection Pro Ready
  7. Built-In Manual Transmission Mode
  8. RPS (Real Panic Sound) Horn Honk
  9. Trunk Release

Keyless Remote Start for your vehicle

Our model #5054 can start your car on a cold or warm day from your house or unlock the doors with a push of a button. Conveniently built with your lifestyle in mind.

Features or our two way remote start system #5054:

  1. Two one-way 433 MHz 4-button remote controls
  2. Unit will accept up to 4 remote controls
  3. Silent choice
  4. Glass mount antenna with built-in RED LED light and valet switch
  5. RPS (real panic sound) horn output
  6. On board lock / unlock parking light flash confirmation relay
  7. Trunk release output
  8. Start confirmation parking light flash
  9. Negative door lock / unlock outputs.