Technology is moving forward at the highest rate of all time.  That means that new vehicles require precise OEM performance repairs.  Don't leave repairs up to chance.

1: We use OEM scan tools / targets / process
2: We use the same as dealerships
3: We offer faster turnaround, reducing overall cost while maintaining OEM safety.

The right calibration for safety systems

Not all camera calibrations are the same

Every manufacturer will require 'their' own procedure to ensure that systems designed to keep passengers safe are operational the way they were intended.  In order to provide OEM performance, all of our repairs are performed according to stringent OEM standards.  Please note that not all body shops are equipped to handle this level of knowledge, process, and have the right OEM equipment.

OEM performance equals OEM safety after repairs

Here are some of the advanced safety systems that we've worked on:

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Before you take the same approach to camera calibration(s), be sure to understand the necessary requirements by the OEM's to ensure safe and proper operation.