Airbag Repair
More than body shop repair basics
Getting it right takes more than a generic scan tool and looking it up online.


This is all about the inside or interior and the occupants. All the major parts to the airbag system are in the inside of the car, with the exception of a few sensors. Our technicians will get you back to OEM performance with the right tools, training, and experience.
The seats contain airbags, occupant sensors, track sensors, deployable seat belts (some new Fords have airbags in the seat belts) and many of the new ones have deployable headrests to protect your head and neck from injury.

  1. If you are working with the headliner, there are curtain airbags in the sides and some with them over the back windows.
  2. If you are working with the dash their airbags passengers side, drivers side and in the lower part of the dash known as knee airbags, many cars also come equipped with a collapsible column.
  3. The front passengers seats have requirements to be calibrated when removed, changed or in a collision. It is impossible to escape the airbag system when working on the interior.
  1. We use factory scan tools for your specific vehicle
  2. Our training is second to none.
  3. OEM performance safety repairs is what we do.

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We spend countless hours keeping up to date on the latest technology in automotive safety sytems. 

If you are curious just ask. The whole cabin is filled with safety features that ensure your best outcome in the event of a crash. 

We test automotive safety systems together to make sure that after what looks like a simple seat repair doesn't have negative consequences later if you are in a crash.  Our testing equipment cabinets are full of the latest tools necessary to return your car to 'new' performance standards.

We Repair Airbags and Airbag lights, sensors, seat belts, etc.


Quality Training & Knowledge of Safety Systems Repair is Key