Custom Interior For A Limited Edition Viper

Hot Viper!


Bruce Ribnick's 1997 Dodge Viper has been a rare and unique vehicle since it was introduced.   Known as a "limited edition" vehicle, only 971 were ever produced world-wide, making it a true classic.

Recently, Bruce decided to tailor his vehicle even further, by working with Dick and Rick's to install custom, two-tone black and "viper blue" leather seats.   Now the inside racing bucket seats match the distinctive outside perfectly, making this collector vehicle even more of a stand-out!

Bruce purchased this exceptional car several years ago, when he was looking for a rare classic that would not only retain its value, but had some power and "muscle" to it.   While he does take it to the occasional car show, his real intent when getting it was to have it to drive and enjoy.

Now, with the inside seats re-done, the interior looks as "super-sharp" as the exterior.   

Very Impressive Bruce!


Bruce Couldn't Be Happier!

"Dick and Rick's did a fantastic job - really quality work!"   He added, "It turned out better than I could have ever imagined!"