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Bloomington Address:

423 West 90th Street
Bloomington, MN 55420
Phone:(952) 884-7702

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6088 Olson Memorial Hwy
Golden Valley, MN 55422
Phone:(763) 201-6480

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Price and our Philosophy

'We deliver safety and comfort for your driving experience'

We provide quality service at a competitive price.  We are in the business to give our customers the best products / service in the industry. 

This is why dealerships often come to us for help in diagnosing and repairing their complex systems in high end automobiles.

Please read our pricing blog post if price is your only concern.

Auto Interior Experts | Knowledgable, Experienced


How do you choose the shop that is right for you?

Ask Our Experts Direct. . .Because every situation is different, and deserves useful information instead of one size repair fits all.

  • Get the answers you need directly from an expert.  
  • Simply fill out the form on the right related to interior vehicle repair, restoration or vehicle enhancements.  Or you can send us your questions: experts@dickandricks.com.

Our experienced technicians will get back to you as soon as 
the next business day, please indicate if you would like to be called back personally to explain your situation. 

If you live out of the Minneapolis / St. Paul area and still have a question, please ask in the blog that corresponds to your vehicle, we will do our best to provide information back to you (in the email provided) that is of value.  

Convertible Top Help | Another satisfied customer response to our work

Convertible Season is here  | Get it right

Response from the work that we do:

  • "I would like to extend to you a sincere thank you for getting me in as quickly as you did. Everyone that I came in contact was professional and seemed genuinely interested in helping me with my questions. The top turned out better than I could ever have hoped for.  from what I can tell this evening, it looks to be better than new...Thank you, Brad"

If you have any questions about your top 'right now', call or fill out the form on the right.  A simple adjustment now could save you a major repair 10 minutes from now (after you saw the top go up / down and not look right).  We are here to help. 

952-884-7702 if you want to talk with an expert right away.

Harness Repair done right

This is where choosing the right shop matters.


From lights on the dashboard going on and off whenever they feel like it, to a light hit to the right front corner where the car won't go anywhere, electrical harness repair doesn't have to be a pain.  

We specialize in those electronics that cause trouble for shops and owners.  Just ask us, we can help.  If not, we will steer you in the right direction.

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