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Smoke Damaged Cars | Don't be Afraid to save your Car


Tue, Jun 04, 2013 @11:01 AM

Smoke Damaged Cars | When your house or garage goes up in flames, the structure is only part of the loss.Smoke Damaged Chevy

At this point, you will really figure out what you had stored in the garage is salvageable and what is not. One item that looks pretty bad, but is far from junk might be that car that sat there and took the abuse.

Now repairing smoke damaged cars is very doable with great success, with the right tools / information.

  1. Understand and accept the nature of the damage. A fire inside the car is handled very different than a car inside the garage that was on fire.
    When dealing with damage inside the car it is important to understand that it is in a contained area, so most likely the exterior of the car will not smell or have burn marks.
  2. Smoke and heat rises, so the  area above your head is most likely to have the strongest odor.
  3. Smoke has very few boundary limits, meaning it will creep behind most trim panels. A correct cleaning / scrubbing of behind panels and trim pieces is needed. 

This may involve removing the complete interior and then cleaning the metal. And in some cases after cleaning the metal it might be a good idea to repaint interior shell of the car to seal out inaccessible areas.

Many items like the headliner should be replaced, the fact is that it is very porous right by your head, smart move.

Other items like seats, carpet, and trim panels most of the time can be cleaned. Now the exception to this might be if the seat or carpet is where the fire started or got scorched in the fire.

  • If you had a car that was in a garage fire, you many have some smell on the interior, but it is important to know that the car will need to be disabled on the outside also. 
  • If the windows where left shut, the problem will most likely be on the outside. The biggest problem here will be the rubber items and anything else that is porous and can inhibit a smell. But I will say there have been times when we have even put the car up on the hoist to detail the underside to get rid of the smell.

Smoke Damaged Cars | Be vigilant of the goal:  Extend the life of your investment for you and your family.

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Given the fact that a smoke odor is something you smell but not see, Experience and knowing where to look and understand the specifics of your vehicle lead to the best outcome, vs. trial and error.

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