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Thu, Feb 28, 2013 @06:01 AM

Leather Seat Repair | Once leather has broken down, the fibers it can no longerleather seat repair 1 resized 600 be brought back to like new. It is normal for leather to get creases, cracks and shrink throughout time.

But there are several ways of properly fixing / repairing a leather seat. If the damage is minor, like a small puncture, or the color is worn off, we can sometimes repair without taking the seat out and the cover off. This is a cost saving type of a repair that is usually under $150.00.

  • This will not work for all types of problems, but is done on case by case basis.

The process is performed by filling the hole, graining it to match the surrounding area and using dye to match the rest of the seat.

The next way is to remove the seat from the car and the cover from the frame. When this is done, a new piece of leather is sewn into the cover with the correct stitching and pattern. Please note that not all stitching is the same, it may look like others, but when this type of repair is done, it will be very noticeable if the stitching is not of the same type as used from the factory. I would much rather show you a finished result that only you know it was actually repaired.Leather Seat Stitching Repair

  • This is a long lasting way of fixing the problem and works very well. This is also an economical way to fix a seat where the cover is really expensive or is no longer available.

The replacement leather we use is matched by using OEM colors that were originally in the car when it was new. So sometimes the color can look a little different due to the aging of the seats. The color of the leather seat surface can get darker and shiner and if it is a light color it also gets dirty over time.

I have seen this many times on a light grey or tan seat, the color changes many shades in a different direction, only until we see the true color when the seat is taken apart and the areas that aren’t exposed gives us a better sense of how it has changed.

Now, I can tell you that even if you replace it with a new cover, there is no guarantee that you will get a perfect color match. The new cover is also open to the same color changes of the leather replacement.

  • So, what is the best way to fix the seat of your car?

If the cost is the main concern, than stay with the leather replacement or repair. This will fix the area that is damaged.

If cost is not the driving factor, and overall seat performance is, we recommend a proper discussion not only of what your expectations are, but a clear understanding of how the seat surface is bonded / engineered is necessary for the best decision to be made.

Quality Leather Repair

Remember, every leather seat, vinyl, cloth or otherwise is built differently, have the right information, the best information on getting what you want, it is your decision, we pride ourselves on delivering quality results, lasting results.

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