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Auto Interior Electronics | Got enough electrical power?


Thu, Feb 21, 2013 @07:01 AM

Auto Electrical Repair | The next time you sit down in your car; take a quick look at how many things run on electricity inside your electronics repair

Items like the radio or the heater blower fan are the obvious ones, but if you have a car that has a push button that starts the car; what does the button actually do? If you were to take that switch out, and look at it you would see many small wires. These wires go to many different computers, which intern operate or turn on many different components, like sending power to the computer (also called the PCM or ECM).  What about the Navigation, heated seats, power seats, and power windows? Today’s autos are exponentially more complex than just a few years ago.

  • Can you see where this is adding up?

Now image having insufficient voltage in your car, maybe a bad battery, alternator or a shorted wire is the culprit. So, what else happens with limited voltage?

From our experience, this can cause dash warning lights to come on like the airbag, check engine or any other of the many lights designed to warn you there is a problem.

Does this mean there really is a problem? Most definitely! Locating / troubleshooting electrical problems in today’s complex vehicles involve having the latest tools and training.

  • This is built into our business model. Most people can replace parts; we isolate the issue, properly test components and replace what is needed, testing again to ensure OEM performance.

Not having sufficient power to operate your car can cause huge issues. This can sometimes be remedied easily by replacing the battery or alternator in your car. The fact that they’re so many power hungry components inside your car, this can cause your car to act weird and inconsistent.

  • You might even think your car is possessed.

Another reason it’s important to be aware of this fact is the newer your car is, the more it relies on having enough electrical capacity. Many features inside your car not only turn on but require power for memory when not in use. If you disconnect a battery most often you will need to input a radio code into the radio to unlock it or preform an initialization procedure for the sunroof or windows to have them work properly again. 

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Today’s cars are engineered and designed for the occupants and so are all the electronics. They’re not just about convenience, they are also about safety.  Lack of understanding todays electronics leads to, not knowing how to fix the interior and maintaining the proper performance of electrical components.

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