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Telematics | Airbag Safety Systems and beyond

[fa icon="calendar"] Wed, Feb 20, 2013 @06:01 AM / by RICK ZIRBES

What is Telematics | How they improve safety systems and the driving experience, now and into the future.

As described by Emad Isaac, CTO of RandMcNally defines Telematics: "The potential for collection, aggregation, and storage of pertinent data that can be digested locally, or post-processed remotely." While this definition suggests a more universally applicable technology as a superset of M2M (Machine to Machine) connectivity, and as part of an "intelligent network of connected things". 

  • What does this mean to someone that owns an automobile?  

This is describing how your car presently works and what is coming in the future. Some examples of present day Telematics are a remote start, navigation systems or your current airbag safety system.

  • What are some of the features that you will see more of in the future?

Collision avoidance systems, occupant alert systems, and your insurance company / government tracking you as you drive. Technology will lead to autonomous driving in other words; the car will drive for you.

  • How does all this work?

Wires, computers and sensors from one end of your car to the other, built into the interior of your car to improve the driving experience and safety for you and your family.

Take the present day Occupant seat sensor; this is now a major part of your airbag safety system. This is designed to read the weight and size of the person sitting in it. Then when the car determines it is necessary to deploy the airbags to protect the passenger, it will do it based on the data from the seat.

This same seat could be used for proper identification if there is someone sitting in it for the HOV (Sane) lane.

This type of sensor could be put in every seat to determine how many people are in the car. Car makers have also come out with a seat that will move or vibrate when it detects impending danger to a distracted drive.

This same system can also monitor a driver that might be falling asleep at the wheel. This could go even further; monitoring every movement and passenger inside your vehicle. We also have what is called the black box that is always monitoring how fast you’re moving, how hard you applied your brakes, how many times and much more.

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Your navigation system; On star and Ford Sync all have GPS tracking and are sending data even when they are shut off. How is this relevant to the interior of your current car?

All of this is about the passengers inside the vehicle and keeping them safe. Where do you think the bulk of the sensors are going? Where the people occupy the car, on the inside gathering and making decisions 100’s0 times a second to provide the best scenario for walking away in the event of a crash.

  • Is there more innovation and technology coming to the inside of your car?

Yes, there is, and being aware of what is happening and going to happen is an important part of being in the automotive business. We are the premier auto interior shop in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area because of our constant training and connections with the best and brightest companies & people developing these technologies. We take our interiors very seriously.

  • What’s going to happen to those auto interior repair companies who don't?

They will be improperly fixing your car and compromising your safety or will not be able to fix it at all.  

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Written by RICK ZIRBES

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