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  How do you choose the shop that is best for you?   

Advanced Safety Systems Repair | Our staff has the latest telematics training, safety systems technology with the highest standards of workmanship and experience to meet OEM specs and answer your questions - quickly take care of your needs. 

Need Safety Systems Repairs?

2005_Must_conv_top-resized-600Convertible season is coming to a close for many of you,  if you are experiencing the need for top work, replacement, or repair we have convertible top specialists available to answer your questions.  

Please be aware that when looking for an accurate estimate, stopping by one of our shops is the best way to get what you want, and without surprises.  

We are the only Auto Upholstery Repair Shop in the Twin Cities area that understands safety restraint systems, how they work, and how to correctly repair them!

Dick and Rick's - Your cost-effective alternative for Car, Truck, Boat and Marine interior repair and replacement work.  You could just bring it to the dealer, but then they call us when a project goes from simple replacement to proper diagnosis, proper servicework to get it back to OEM specs. 

Check out our blog on the projects we have recently completed with helpful tech tips for complex issues.  When you want it done right, want to restore safety to your vehicle, we are here with the right tools, knowledge, and experience.

Located in the Minneapolis area, we are the premier auto interior shop, just ask your dealer, we are the ones they call for expert advice / resolve for todays complex wiring, electrical, safety systems.


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